Disrupting plagiarism:
Building a culture of academic honesty

An overview, explanation of, and links to all of the resources in the Disrupting plagiarism set of resources.

In a time when information is instantly available and content creation is a few clicks away, academic integrity can easily become a grey area for students. Explicitly teaching skills and concepts associated with academic integrity and providing feedback throughout the research and writing process can build a culture of academic honesty in classrooms. The resources found here—which can be used as a cohesive unit or incorporated into your existing curriculum—are designed to provide teachers and students with a formative approach to maintaining academic integrity and addressing plagiarism meaningfully when it occurs.

Disrupting plagiarism - Educator guide

This Educator guide presents an overview of the resources contained within the Disrupting Plagiarism pack of resources. Descriptions and direct links are provided for the guides, hand-outs, classroom activities, and posters, all accompanied by suggestions for their implementation.

Disrupting plagiarism: empowering students in the formative space

This webinar discusses the importance of empowering students with formative feedback and opportunities for reflection and revision during the writing process, as well as how Turnitin’s newest formative tools— Turnitin Draft Coach and the Disrupting Plagiarism resources—can help.

Resources for the beginning of the school year

Resources for before the writing process

Resources for during the writing process

Resources for after the writing process

Nurture more independent learners and confident writers

Turnitin Draft Coach™ provides instant feedback where students write, helping them improve their academic writing and research skills.

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