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Ensure the integrity of global education and meaningfully improve learning outcomes.

What you can do with Turnitin

At every stage of a learner’s journey, Turnitin’s products meet students where they are, provides the tools and experience they need for success, and ensures that every assessment maintains integrity at its core.

Meaningful insights for writing excellence.



Address plagiarism, streamline grading and improve student outcomes

Address emerging trends in misconduct.



Check for existing as well as new forms of plagiarism - from text similarity and synonym swapping to contract cheating, AI writing and AI paraphrasing.

Deliver high-quality assessment at scale.


Instructors can build, administer and grade paper-based, bubble sheet, digital and code assignments, whether in-person, online or hybrid.

Provide a secure and reliable digital exam experience.

Exams, licenses or certifications


Address potential gaps in curriculum and assessment to prepare students for their careers and meet accreditation requirements.

Make academic integrity a part of your workflow.


Postsecondary Postsecondary

High-quality, comprehensive similarity detection helps maintain your institution’s reputation.

Publish with confidence.


Professionals Professionals

Check for similarity with the tool academic researchers and publishers trust.

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