Academic integrity in the age of AI

An overview of resources for educators in search of academic integrity solutions in instruction and assessment when faced with student usage of artificial intelligence tools.

The recent surge of text generative AI has everyone in the education world talking. Think pieces, blogs, and social media are full of questions with no clear answers, yet educators are already facing these issues in classrooms. No longer a potential issue in the future, AI-generated text is present and likely closer than many educators would prefer.

Still, consider the adaptations that educators have made successfully in the past. The shift to using a search engine to locate information online rather than the card catalog to locate print text shifted the way research skills are taught in the not too distant past. AI-generated text is the next big shift in the education world. Some clear challenges have emerged with its relative ease of use, yet the potential for good instructional practices is clearly there.

Let’s seize these opportunities to truly make our teaching and learning match the world our students inhabit.

As AI evolves, so will our resources, so bookmark this page and plan to revisit it regularly for helpful information and strategies.

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