Turnitin enhances the Google education ecosystem

Formative feedback directly in Google Docs™

Turnitin Draft Coach™ enables students to access our Similarity Reports and check citations while drafting in Google Docs™. Develop more independent learners and confident writers.

Turnitin Feedback Studio™ supports Google single sign-on

Academic institutions that manage Google accounts can request Google single sign-on (SSO). Once activated, students and instructors with institution-issued Google accounts can quickly and simply sign in to Feedback Studio.

Students can submit from Google Drive™

Students can submit their work from Google Drive™ in the form of Google Docs™ and other common formats. Any Google account — institution-managed or personal — can be used to submit files to Feedback Studio.

Supporting best pedagogical practices

Students can review Similarity Reports within their own workflow prior to submission.

Feedback Studio is an end-to-end solution, from inception through assessment.

Prepare secondary education students now for Turnitin’s industry-leading usage in higher education.

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Why is Turnitin the leader?

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Global support available 24/7

When you partner with Turnitin, dedicated onboarding and support teams are available every step of the way — from implementation and onboarding to training and optimisation.

Proven results

20 years of efficacy

Turnitin has an established track record with educators around the world to ensure not only academic integrity but student learning.

Streamlined instructor workflows

Instructors who use Feedback Studio report 38% reduction in time spent grading.*

*Turnitin. (2016). Data from survey of over 9,400 instructors on their use of Turnitin Feedback Studio for online grading purposes.