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Remote assessments in secondary education: Challenge or opportunity

Remote assessments throw up both challenges and opportunities. How are some of India's leading secondary education leaders addressing it? Hear it from the experts!

The importance of assessments can never be overstated in a student’s learning journey. Now that most formative and summative assessments have entered the remote realm, what kind of challenges have emerged for education professionals? How are teachers balancing assessment formats and assessment efficacy, and how are they managing their time during grading and feedback?

Join some of India’s distinguished educators as they debate the challenges and efficacy of remote assessments, followed by a glimpse into tools that are making the design and grading of assessments easier for educators.

Key focus areas:

  • How to make remote assessments meaningful for teachers and students
  • How to transform grading into teachable moments
  • How to provide high impact feedback to students in remote learning environments
  • How to use tools like Gradescope to ease up grading and feedback efforts

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