Virtual Event

Leverage Gradescope to Support Remote Delivery of Paper-based and Online Assessments

Join Gradescope at Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference hosted by The University of Missouri at St. Louis.

The shift to online or remote learning presents significant challenges related to assessment - especially for instructors that rely upon paper-based, handwritten assignments or exams. In many disciplines, effective assessment requires students to solve complex problems (by showing their work) or answer free response questions, but collecting and grading this open-ended work electronically can be cumbersome.

Gradescope provides a streamlined workflow to easily deliver your existing assessments, collect student work, grade with efficiency and consistency, and return timely feedback on various assessment types, including:

  • Existing paper-based assessments
  • Fully online assessments (no paper required)
  • Hybrid assessments combining online and paper-based approaches

Join this session to learn how you can use Gradescope to deliver impactful assessments in both face-to-face or online courses. The Gradescope team will provide a walkthrough to demonstrate how this tool can support various assessment types. You will also hear from Katy Dumelle, who was previously a Mathematics instructor and longtime Gradescope user at Oregon State University (now a Gradescope team member), on how Gradescope dramatically improved her grading experience.

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