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Incorporating Integrity into Instructional Workflows: New Solutions for New Challenges

Get introduced to Turnitin Originality, as we discuss Turnitin’s commitment to developing products to help keep students on a positive academic path.

The landscape of academic integrity continues to change and evolve in sophistication with every passing year. Keeping academic integrity a central tenant at your institution requires awareness of the newest techniques and trends. Comparing text similarity, while a great way to identify copy/paste plagiarism or student collusion, doesn’t help with the fast-growing trends such as contract cheating, mosaic plagiarism, or deliberate text modifications designed to circumvent integrity checks.

Join Turnitin Chief Product Officer, Valerie Schreiner, to learn more about Turnitin’s commitment to developing products that anticipate your needs and rise above basic text similarity checking to help keep students on a positive academic path. During this webinar we’ll discuss the changing landscape and get introduced to Turnitin Originality. As our newest solution, Turnitin Originality is designed to help students, instructors, and administrators keep integrity at the core of the work they do, institutions can help ensure that students stay on a positive and successful academic path.