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Global Innovation Awards 2017: Winner

Dr. Arunima Haldar is an Assistant Professor (Finance) at S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai. She first used Turnitin as a doctoral student at IIT Bombay. Dr. Haldar continues to use it primarily for her own research – which focuses on corporate governance – and to check her students’ work.

She recognizes Turnitin as a unique tool that helps her and institution to stand out as it strives to innovate and promote value-based economic growth in India. The institution is ranked among top business schools in India, due to huge focus on social responsibility and academic integrity.

She recommends Turnitin as a tool to ensure that all work is plagiarism-free, and that output destined for public consumption – such as research for peer-reviewed journals – makes an original contribution and meets the highest academic standards.

Dr. Arunima Haldar says she recently had to rewrite work that had high degree of similarity with her previous work published in conference proceeding. This is known as self-plagiarism, which is a concept unfamiliar to many students. She explains: “In this case, in spite of following the standard practice of 50% change in the paper, the paper was turned down. Even if you copy your own thoughts and try to publish it, that is a serious thing.” Turnitin has helped her to identify instances regarding similarities in her work and complete a rewrite, which is currently under review.

Her enthusiasm for writing and familiarity with the publishing process help her to correlate the challenges and make a convincing case for the critical importance of integrity standards and always checking one’s work before submission. So far she has contributed to 50 papers across peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and has earned a reputation for championing academic integrity at every level across her organization.

“It’s a fulfilling journey contributing to the collective body of knowledge with utmost integrity through writing,” she says. “As a facilitator, I take pride in my students’ submissions as they are original contributions.” Academic writing, she explains, is all about finding a place to contribute new ideas within an existing body of knowledge and giving credit where its due to researchers who have worked hard to expand what we know. “Academic integrity to me is the foremost important thing,” she concludes.

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Writing With Integrity Award 2017
Asia, Higher Ed
It’s a fulfilling journey contributing to the collective body of knowledge with utmost integrity through writing.
Dr. Arunima Haldar
Assistant Professor
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, India
Writing With Integrity Award 2017
Asia, Higher Ed