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Turnitin Scholarships Draw New Talent in Artificial Intelligence to the Bay Area

Turnitin sponsors women and minority students of A.I. to attend the 2019 Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp on Nov. 16-17 where some of the industry’s leading thinkers and entrepreneurs provide practical, hands-on training in A.I and deep learning

Oakland, Calif.

If development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) should benefit all people, then its developers should reflect the diversity of the population. To help bring that diversity to the A.I. field, Turnitin is sponsoring several promising students of A.I. and deep learning to attend the Full Stack Deep Learning (FSDL) Bootcamp. FSDL is a two-day intensive course where some of the industry’s leading developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs meet, discuss, and guide today’s new talent into the field. Click to Tweet.

Sergey Karayev, head of AI for STEM at Turnitin, is one of the featured speakers and a leading organizer for FSDL. “It is vital to the development of A.I. that we bring diverse talent into the discipline. One way to do this is to create entry points into education and careers. Full Stack Deep Learning is one of those entry points where interested students learn about bringing A.I.-powered projects from idea to production,” said Mr. Karayev.

Organizations such as Women in Machine Learning, Black in A.I., and LatinX in A.I. advocate for increased diversity in the field. Turnitin is sponsoring over twenty students affiliated with these organizations--as well as other talented members from underrepresented groups--to attend FSDL in an attempt to ensure that individuals with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds are able to benefit from the course.

"Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp was an unparalleled opportunity to master the fundamentals, meet the experts driving innovation, and jumpstart the future of my deep learning career,” said Mahir Jethanandani, graduate student studying Computer Science, Statistics, and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the students Turnitin sponsored in the March 2019 FSDL.

Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity, grading, and feedback solutions, leverages artificial intelligence in its products and is committed to building a diverse workforce in the artificial intelligence field.

Scholarship applications and registrations are being accepted now. Full Stack Deep Learning occurs November 16-17, 2019 at the University of California, Berkeley.

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