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EdTech solution Gradescope by Turnitin launches in Japanese

Popular for helping educators cut grading time in half and have more time for teaching, the software now supports Japanese-language content

Oakland, Calif.

Popular for helping educators cut grading time in half and have more time for teaching, the software now supports Japanese-language content

TOKYO, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the successful pilot program in September 2021, edtech solution Gradescope by Turnitin has now launched its Japanese language interface. In response to feedback from current Turnitin university clients and the global STEM community, Gradescope has been fully translated into Japanese, in addition to English, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish.

Through Gradescope, educators easily build, administer, organize, and grade handwritten, paper-based, digital, and code assignments. Gradescope supports in-person, remote, and hybrid learning for all subject areas and assessment types. The platform has been proven to cut grading time in half by reducing the administrative work associated with grading, helping educators scale high-quality courses and spend more time with their students. To increase evaluation fairness, instructors can enable anonymous grading, which hides or removes student identifiers during the grading workflow. As Gradescope stands by itself as an assessment platform or works into the established process, educators can use their existing content or build new materials in the platform. Gradescope's innovations and impact have been recognized by Bett Awards, EdTech Breakthrough, EdTech Digest, SaaS, SIIA CODiE, Tech & Learning, and more.

"Gradescope has reduced the administrative burden of grading assignments and increased efficiencies in providing effective feedback to students; this leaves me more time for research and other academic tasks," expresses Gradescope user Dr. Daiji Fukagawa, Assistant Professor of Culture and Information Science at Doshisha University. "I started using Gradescope in the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am convinced that it is a powerful tool for any class environment—face-to-face or online— because it supports a wide variety of assignment formats. Gradescope has always had an excellent interface and is intuitive to use, but I am glad that it is now available in Japanese so that it can be used by an even wider range of users without any burden."

"Language localization in education technologies and resources is a key step towards equity and inclusion in the global academic environment," says Betsy Matsunaga, Turnitin Regional Director Northeast Asia. "We saw and received feedback from local universities and educators that there was a need for a Japanese language version of Gradescope to support their rigorous academic standards and student learning goals. With the success of our 2021 pilot program for Gradescope in Japanese, we have now implemented full software support for Japanese language content. We are grateful to be a small part of the solution in helping educators manage growing class sizes and coursework. And with newly found time for direct teacher-student learning from software efficiencies, we hope that Japan's students can have improved academic experiences and learn even more meaningfully from their studies—by having their native Japanese language as an option for their education tools."

Globally, to date, 624 million questions have been graded through the platform. Further, more than 110,000 educators and 2.7 million students from 2,600 institutions use Gradescope to maximize learning from assessments, faster grading, and effective feedback.

Japan-based educators and institutions can contact for a free trial.

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